Gilded Light Occo Geode Slice Earrings

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These stunning occo geode slices have gorgeous, 14k yellow gold plated edges and hang from hand-forged 14k yellow gold filled French hooks. Each hand-sliced and polished pair is unique. I carefully curate each pair, so you know you're getting beautiful and high quality pieces that will add natural beauty to your personal collection for many years to come.

:: These are “sister slices”, so they’re similar but not twins, cut side-by-side from the same geode. Every pair will have patterns and swirling mineral inclusions unique to this section of the stone.

:: These earrings measure about 2.25” total length from apex of ear hook. The stones themselves are about 1.25" long and .75” wide.

:: Due to the open nature of geodes, these earrings are fantastically lightweight and comfortable.

*An upgrade for locking hooks is available. Please add THIS ITEM to your cart to have sterling silver or 14k yellow gold fill locking hooks added to your earrings.