Classic Grotado Quartz Point Necklace

Classic Grotado Quartz Point Necklace

  • $45.00

One of our most popular crystals in classic pendant form, on an elegant gold filled or silver chain. Enough of a statement to hold its own with any outfit, but delicate enough to complement every body type. 

Each crystal is wonderfully unique, with incredible natural facets and vibrant energy. These crystals are very special, their one-of-kind shape is formed within stalactites, versus traditional 'stick' quartz, which grows inside geode pockets.

:: Select between shimmering gold filled or silver chain with your choice of plated lobster clasp or handmade gold filled/silver toggle. For lengths beyond 26", please send us a request or view our 'Long Necklace' listings.

:: Each crystal is hand-selected for quality and will be unique to every order, as every crystal is naturally formed with its own beautiful variations

:: An excellent choice for gift sets! Just send us a message to get started!

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