Ghana Glass & Giving Back

This collection includes pieces featuring beautifully handmade glass beads, in a vibrant array of colors, that were lovingly handcrafted by artisans in Ghana. In respect to the work that went into creating these beads, we want to pay it forward to the black artist communities here in the US.

Each month we’ll be featuring a different black-led and black-benefitting program, charity or organization to receive 5% of all sales from this collection.

For April, sales from this collection will benefit Ten, Tiny, Talks, an incredible artist-in-residency program for black and indigenous, queer and trans artists. Their Mission, in their own words:

"Ten, Tiny, Talks strives to further the revolutionary act and ceremony of Trans and Queer self-love by celebrating art created for and by Black and Indigenous Queer and Trans folx in a season of ten performances. Ten, Tiny, Talks supports trans and queer people sharing their stories, heritage and trans/queercestry through a non-traditional artist-in-residency that focuses on the Black, Indigenous, Queer and Trans creative diaspora. We are devoted to devised, written, theatrical, and multi-media art that speaks to the non-western/American canon."

Not looking for jewelry but want to support this organization? Make a donation directly to them through the Crave Theater, HERE.

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