Elegant Drawn Cable Chain

  • セール
  • 通常価格

This elegant chain is also available with special pricing when paired with any of our pendants (HERE). For a more dainty look, we also suggest viewing our Delicate Chain, as shown in the clasp example.

:: We believe in mindful attention to detail. All chains under 26" are finished with a hand-hammered loop end and your choice of either lobster clasp*, "C" spring clasp** or toggle*** (*first photo, **not shown, ***second photo).

:: The beauty of this wider-loop chain is that it's entirely adjustable if completed with a clasp, allowing for maximum style versatility. 

:: Chain lengths 26" and over are finished with a toggle closure or wire-wrapped connector, with a small stone bead or faceted metal bead matching your necklace. Herkimer diamonds and other gemstones are available upon request. Please contact us for available options and price estimate when you're ready to order.

Storage and Travel Tip:
Drop one end of your chain through a straw that is trimmed to half the length of your necklace, or loop long necklaces through until contained enough not to tangle. Place reclasped chain and straw in a small ziptop bag and travel with your mind at ease! Silver stored in this way, away from moisture, will also resist tarnishing.