108 Bead Meditation Mala KIT :: Beads, Cord & Tassel

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This kit contains 108 beads in the variety of your choice, as well as a black lava Guru bead, silky tassel and woven satin base cord.

The Chakra Mala has a rainbow of beautiful, satin matte, stone beads in chakra colors and are hand selected to be complementary in color and high in good energy.

Part of the bliss in creating your own mala is in mindfully hand-knotting between beads. With each knot, a positive intention is set, so your finished mala will be filled with lasting good energy and powerful intention. This provides beautiful energy during mantras and meditation, as well as daily wear. Wear in peace and happiness.

The first picture is an example of the Chakra style, the second picture shows a closeup of the knotting on our multicolored amazonite option. If certain tones or specific stones are desired, please reach out for photos of available inventory and select one of the 'Other Beads' category options.

Premium beads will vary based on market prices, but generally include moonstone, dark green moss agate and certain jaspers. Some stones, such as lapis lazuli, montana agate and sardonyx agate, are more difficult to source and so are only offered in kits by special request. Please reach out if you'd like us to build a custom kit for you!

This kit is priced and built with a moderately-experienced maker in mind. Classes are offered for the beginner (both web and group friendly options are available), and a detailed handout is also in the works!