A Beginner’s Guide to Oregon Rocks :: Thursday, April 27th 1-3pm

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In this workshop we’ll cover a some of the more common rocks you’ll find around oregon, as well as some basic mineral identification of what has formed in those beautiful rocks. Some of this workshop’s topics include: 

  • The distinguishing characteristics of Thundereggs vs other geodes
  • Identifying opal vs agate
  • What cool rocks you might find in and around our rivers and how to identify them
  • And more!

Plus, if the weather cooperates, we’ll have one of our saws available to cut attendee Thundereggs (sizes up to 4”) for a small fee. Larger T-eggs can be cut later this summer on our big slab saw, just let us know if you’d like to arrange a drop-off!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, April 27th!