Aquamarine Modern Drop

  • $40.00

This beautiful aquamarine drop pendant hangs from a minimalist, 18k gold filled bail and 18” fine chain, with lobster clasp and loop closure.

With elegant simplicity in mind, this necklace was created  to show off the natural shimmer of the stone.

More about Aquamarine and other beryls:
Aquamarine is such an interesting stone! As a form of beryl, it can be gemmy clear or develop internal cleavage (created by the surfaces of different crystals growing next to one another, like the layers of a cliff) that can create this gorgeous lattice shimmer when viewed in bright light.

Aquamarine is part of the beryl family, alongside emerald, morganite, bixbite, heliodore and goshenite. Beryls form in many different colors, all depending on the minerals and moisture present during formation.

For example, iron can create blue, blue-green, yellow, or rust tones! Manganese will create a beautiful, rich red to pale pink. Chromium and sometimes vanadium give emerald its notable green. The levels of these ‘impurities’ determine the variations in color across the spectrum.

This beauty formed with a low amount of iron ions in the crystals, instead we see iron oxide alongside the crystals, giving a reddish tint to parts of the overall stone, (as opposed to iron ions in the crystals themselves), which results in very pale blue (almost white) crystals and red tones in between. Beryls this close to white are also commonly called goshenite.

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