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This Meditation Mala has 108 beautiful beads and a slightly larger Guru bead with tassel. Beads are hand selected and sorted for aesthetic, then to strung on your color choice of woven satin or nylon cord - most often chosen to coordinate with the tassel color. Teacher/Guru bead is available in black lava or any other available stocked stone, as requested. Price may vary depending on the stone selected.

All of our malas are mindfully hand-knotted between beads. With each knot, a positive intention is set, so your finished mala arrives with good vibes already in place. 

This provides beautiful energy during mantras and meditation, as well as daily wear. Wear in peace and happiness.

The first picture is an example of the Meditation Mala in multicolored amazonite wit’s lapis lazuli guru bead, the second and third pictures show the knotting between beads and the last picture shows an example of other available stones. Your mala will be made especially for you, with similar yet unique beads that are beautifully one-of-a-kind. If certain tones or specific stones are desired, please reach out for photos of available inventory.

Please note that due to the increased time required to source and select custom bead options that are not currently in stock, a small upcharge has been added to that option. If your custom color or stone collection is in stock, price will only be adjusted if beads are more expensive than the standard selection.