Premium Occo Slice Necklace :: Gold Filled Chain

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What is it about geodes that makes them so mysterious and intriguing? For us it’s because they’re like little presents, you only know what you get when you open them!

The amount of wow in each little pocket of crystals fills us with wonder every time. Even when they are so full of crystals that no pocket remains, they each tell such an amazing story of creation- all beginning with a bubble in hardening lava, such a humble start.

This big beauty is nice and lightweight due to the large geode opening, but also has really fun patterning like bright waves in the darkness.

Hanging from an elegant 32” 18k gold filled chain and connected with hematite for grounding energy, this is the perfect necklace for those chunky, fall sweaters.

Several more slices are available, so let us know if you’d like one in silver!