Rosary and Chain V-Style Necklace with Gold Bezel Black Sardonyx

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Take your style to the next level. Our rosary and chain necklaces combine the comfort of chain with the extra style of hand-wrapped rosary chain and natural stone pendant. This listing is for V-Style necklaces paired with agate slice pendants (as shown in black). For other pendant options and our Y-Style version (shown in blue), check out our other listings or send us a message!

:: Neck opening is 26, no need for a clasp
:: Total length is about 32"
:: Choose between shimmering gold filled or silver chain
:: Each agate slice is genuine stone, so every pendant will be uniquely beautiful, with variations in crystal formation, color and shape
:: Every pendant is hand paired with mindfully selected, rosary chain and accent stones, which are hand-wrapped and attached, for reliable quality and great energy